miercuri, 6 august 2008

Wild wild angels...

"Don't talk to me of shattered dreams
Of course you don't know what it means
To live for someone else you can't just take it
Oh and when you're bitten by the truth
You blame it on your misspent youth
you never seem to learn by your mistakes.

So don't talk to me of wild wild angels
Wild wild angels on the skyways
Those wild wild angels on the highways of your life
'Cause it's people like you who never knew
What wild wild angels have to face.

Oh and I ain't hangin' round to see
You turn on someone else like me
I'm still alive and you know the way I live
But baby that's one way you'll never be
Such simple things you fail to see
You take back ev'rything you ever given.
So don't talk to me of wild wild angels . . ."

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